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The Perfect Bathing Suit

Want To Change Your Look? Tips For Getting Hair Extensions And Choosing New Lipstick

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If you are getting tired of your look, one way you can make a big change is with your hair. If you currently have short hair, make a big change by getting long hair with hair extensions. You should also consider your make-up, such as your lipstick. Having a beautiful pout can make a difference in the way you look. Keep reading to find different types of lipstick you may like, as well information about hair extensions.

Hair Extensions

No matter the length of your hair, you can have hair extensions to give you long, lush, beautiful hair. There are different types of hair extensions you can choose including:

  • Keratin: This hair extension is attached to your hair using small keratin bonds. The hair is attached using a hot tool. You will have to visit the salon for regular maintenance, as the glue will start to loosen over time. Using heated appliances and hair conditioners will also weaken the bond.
  • Weave: Weave hair extensions are sewn in, and work well with hair that is thick, curly, or course. They are sewn into your current hair in a tight braid, and look completely natural. Regular salon visits are needed to ensure the sewn in hair does not become loose.
  • Tape: Tape hair extensions connect to your hair using wide bonds that look like tape. The stylist will place your hair between the bonds and then clamped around your hair strands. Your hair will look completely natural, and the bonds will stay attached for a long time.

Visit a hair stylist in your area to learn more about the different types of hair extensions. They can also help you choose what is best for you and your hair.

Types of Lipstick

When you start shopping for lipstick, you may get overwhelmed with all the choices you have. To make things a little easier, below are some different types you will find:

  • Moisturizing: Works great if your lips are dry, as it will keep your lips smooth and soft during your wedding. This type of lipstick has ingredients like glycerin and vitamins. Moisturizing lipstick also makes your lips look shiny.
  • Matte: If you do not want something that is too shiny, matte lipstick will work right for you. Your lips will look colorful, and give you a much smoother look.
  • Lip stain: Lip stain is painted onto your lips, and depending on the manufacturer of the lipstick, lasts all day long.  The lipstick is liquid and generally applied with a small wand or brush. At the end of the day, you will have to remove your lipstick with makeup remover. You will need to be careful to apply this correctly the first time.
  • Satin and Sheer: Satin and sheer lipstick nourishes and moisturizes your lips, and makes them glossy and shiny.  This lipstick is oil-based. The only drawback is you may have to reapply this many times throughout the evening to keep your lips colored.
  • Frosted and Pearl: If you want your lips to glisten, choose frosted and pearl lipstick. This lipstick reflects the light in the room. Your lips may feel dry after applying this lipstick, so apply some moisturizer to your lips before applying it.

You will feel like going out on the time to show off your new look to your friends and family. Contact a business, such as Adevia SpaSalon, for more information.   


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