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Why the Miss Agriculture Competition Is Better Than Your Average Beauty Pageant

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Beauty pageants have been popular for years. In more recent times, most have been renamed "scholarship competitions" as the focus has shifted away from physical beauty and towards talent and skills. Still, there's a lot of variety in these scholarship competitions. Some are far more empowering and interesting than others. If you're interested in participating in one, make sure you do your research, and strongly consider entering the Miss Agriculture Competition.

Here are a few ways this competition stands out in comparison to similar competitions.

1. It does not focus on physical beauty.

With swimwear categories and glam categories, most scholarship competitions are still heavily focused on appearances and physical beauty, even if they do not call themselves 'beauty pageants" anymore.

The Miss Agriculture Competition has taken a much larger step away from judging physical appearance. There is no swimwear competition. There is an agricultural wear division, but the purpose of this part is to show off attire that represents the agricultural area of the participant's state. For instance, someone from Wisconsin may wear dairy attire. This part of the competition is also optional; participants can opt-out if they're not comfortable with it.

2. It includes an essay.

So often, competitors in scholarship competitions have excellent ideas, but they may not express those ideas well when they're put on the spot while on stage. The Miss Agriculture Competition has found a way to ensure those with great ideas but less stage presence still get noticed. They include an essay division in their competition. It's mandatory for older divisions and optional for younger participants. This gives entries a chance to really think through and express their ideas clearly before submitting them.

3. It honors an important industry.

Instead of focusing just on basic qualities and skills, the Miss Agriculture Competition really seeks to honor and further an industry—the Agriculture industry. Whether a participant is heavily involved in agriculture or not, this is an industry that impacts them. Agriculture supplies food for everyone, and it supplies other products, like cotton and hemp. Participating in the Miss Agriculture Competition helps participants realize just how important agriculture is to the future, and it may inspire them to enter a career in this field—or at least support those who do.

The Miss Agriculture Competition is not your average beauty pageant, and it's really not a beauty pageant at all. On the contrary, it has a lot of benefits for anyone who participates, regardless of physical looks.


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