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The Perfect Bathing Suit

Five Dress Features That Will Help You Stay Warm This Winter

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If you live in a area where winters get particularly cold, it might not be easy to stay comfortable when you're wearing you favorite dresses during the wintertime.

However, you can look great going out in even temperatures below freezing if you stock up on dresses that are cleverly designed to show off your figure without leaving you too cold and sparsely dressed to enjoy a chilly night out on the town. 

The following are a few dress features that will allow you to look better than ever when the temperature drops this winter:

Fabrics that insulate well

The material that your dress is made from is one of the most important considerations when it comes to staying warm. Even a fairly skimpy dress will be surprisingly effective at keeping you warm if it is made from a good insulator like wool, fleece, or flannel.

Another great material option that is ideal for a dress for a formal occasion during the wintertime is velvet. This luxurious material is a popular choice for formal wear that is worn in the winter because it captures body heat and holds it close against the skin. 

Flannel and fleece-lined accessories

You can easily enhance the warmth offered by a dress by buying some accessories that are designed with cold weather in mind. Wearing a flannel-lined slip or fleece-lined stockings is a great way to work some styling insulation into your outfit. 

A long dress

Opt for longer length dresses and sleeves to optimize your body heat and avoid getting chills when you go out when temperatures are low and wind is strong. 

A cozy hat

You've probably heard before that keeping your head warm is important. If your head is feeling cold, you're probably going to begin feeling cold all over your body before long.

A thick wool or fleece hat is a simple way to increase your body's warmth without adding another layer to your body that could look and feel bulky and frumpy. 


Turtlenecks and collars prevent your body heat from escaping through neck openings. They're especially effective at keeping you warm if they're made from fleece. 

A turtleneck dress design is perfect if you're looking to stay warm while looking slim and sleek in your dress. Turtlenecks tend to create something of a streamlining effect, especially when they are worked into a tight, form-hugging dress that is made from a thin gauge knit fabric. 

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