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LARPer Clubs: You Can Never Have Too Many "Red Shirts"

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LARPers, or Live Action Role Players, are groups of people who enjoy dressing in full sci-fi/ fantasy regalia and acting out story plots. Certain famous works that are popular among LARPers are the Lord of the Rings stories and Star Trek or Star Wars. Although it has long been associated with sci-fi nerds and geeks, LARPing is growing in popularity with the general public. To play, this is what you need:

Costumes (Which Are Not Costumes)

LARPers do not refer to their costumes as costumes but as clothes, since they completely immerse themselves in the world they have recreated. As such, you will need things like Star Trek t shirts or goth clothing, depending on what you are playing as. Keep in mind the concept that all Star Trek fans jokingly know about: you can never have too many red shirts. This refers to the fact that in every episode of Star Trek there were always extras on the set that would accompany the stars of the show to some new planet and die within the first ten or fifteen minutes. Likewise, you will need some "red shirts" for whatever theme of live action role play you choose.

An Appropriate "Stage" Area

Playing as dwarves and elves and wizards, you will want an area that has a lot of trees and forest-y type vegetation. Some cities in the U.S. have invested in creating LARP play stages such as a small castle or the deck of a spaceship. If a "stage" is not available where you live, you will have to work harder at recreating your own, in your mind and in your local area. Keep in mind that it has to be somewhat in character for the chosen LARP theme or other LARPers will think it quite lame and not participate, such is the subculture of this trend.

Realistic "Props"

A true LARPer never refers to weapons and clothing accessories as props, but if you are talking to a non-LARPer, it is okay to refer to your phasers, tricorders, communicators, insignia, pins, boots, transporters, wizard's staff, and dozens of other items as props. All of the above have to be as realistic as possible. The whole point is to completely submerse yourself in the play, and have everything look and feel as real as possible.

Buying Star Trek T Shirts and Other LARPer Items

There are retailers that specialize in and cater to Comic Con attendees, LARPers, and sci-fi/fantasy fans. You can buy all of your playthings at a Comic Con or at least make more connections to the retailers there that sell these items. Whenever you need more "red shirts", or gold or blue, you can find them through these retailers.


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