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Eyelash Extensions: What Is The Process? How Do I Care For Them?

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Eyelash extensions are a great way to make your lashes thick and long without the need for mascara. If you're thinking of getting eyelash extensions, you may have some questions. What is the process like? Once I get extensions, how do I care for them? These questions will be answered.

What is the process of getting eyelash extensions?

You should keep in mind before getting extensions that you should always have them done by a professional, like those at Bridal Hair Boutique. If you do this yourself your results may not look as natural. You should also read reviews online and do your research before deciding on a stylist. If this process is done incorrectly, the extensions can cause eye irritation.

The process of getting eyelash extensions is long, but simple. Many salons will have you lie back in a comfortable chair with relaxing music. Think of it like getting a long facial. The stylist will glue extensions to your lashes individually. You will have one extension for every lash you have. This can take anywhere from one to two hours. Your extensions should last six to eight weeks with touch-ups.

How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

1. Do not pull on your lashes. If you have a habit of tugging on them, your extensions will not last as long.

2. Minimize the amount of water that gets on your lashes. Water can break down the glue that holds your lashes in place. If you need to remove makeup, use cleansing cloths or wipes.

3. Mascara can be tricky. The wrong kind of mascara can weaken the glue. Overuse of mascara can lead to your extensions falling out. Do not use waterproof mascara. If you want to use mascara, only apply it to the ends of your extensions.

4. Use a lash comb to keep extensions from clumping.

5. Use lash conditioner to keep your natural lashes healthy. Healthy lashes extend the life of your extensions.

6. Avoid oil based makeup.

7. Do not apply sun screen, lotion, or cream near your lashes.

8. There is no need to curl your lashes. An eyelash curler will decrease the life of your extensions.

9. Get in the habit of sleeping on your back. If you sleep on your side or stomach, the friction from your pillow can pull out your extensions. If you can't sleep on your back, buy satin pillow cases.

10. Keep your appointments with your stylist. You may need touch-ups as often as every two weeks if your lashes fall out often. But, with care, your lashes can last as long as six weeks.

The process of getting lash extensions and caring for them is easy and simple. Your extensions are sure to last weeks if you follow the tips on how to care for them.


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