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3 Tips To Avoid Getting Knots In Your Human Hair Wig On Wash Day

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Wearing a wig is an easy way to change up your style or hide damaged hair. When choosing a wig, one of the biggest concerns is how natural it will look when worn. As a result, human hair wigs are a very popular option, because these wigs look very natural. Since these wigs are similar to the hair that grows out of your scalp, they have the tendency to knot and tangle easily. This experience is most common on wash days. A wash day can quickly turn from cleaning your wig to fighting with knots and tangles. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to avoid getting knots in your wigs.

Avoid Combing Your Wig Wet

Most wigs get knots and tangles the moment that water touches them. As a result, combing your wig while it is wet will only rip out hairs and damage the wig. If you want to comb your wig, then comb it right before you wash it. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles without ripping out perfectly healthy hair. Human hair wigs tend to shed regularly, therefore, it is perfectly fine if you see a few hairs in your comb once you are done combing.

Finger Detangle

Finger detangling involves using your fingers to comb through your hair instead of a comb. This type of detangling is a lot easier on the wig and will prevent you from forming knots as you comb through the hair. It is a good idea to finger detangle both before you wash your hair and after it has dried. In order to finger detangle correctly, start from the ends of your hair and slowly work your way up with your fingers. Smooth out any knots or tangles along the way.

Coat Your Hair with Conditioner

Conditioner is often used to restore moisture into the hair. However, it can also be used to remove knots from your wig. Coating the wig in conditioner will allow your fingers or a comb to easily glide through the hair while removing any knots and tangles. Remember to apply the conditioner to your wig before washing it.

Dealing with a number of knots can easily make you dread washing your wig. Some knots are so elaborate that they need to be removed using scissors. Use these tips in order to ensure that your wash day is knot free. For more information about caring for wigs, contact a company like Serge's Wigs.


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