The Perfect Bathing Suit

The Perfect Bathing Suit

Preventing Your Silver Ring From Tarnishing: When Not To Wear It

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If you're like most people, you love the shine of your silver wedding ring and how it catches the light. For as beautiful as it is when you first purchase it, or begin wearing it after your wedding, you're likely to notice that its shine begins to dull in time. However, you can prevent much of this dull appearance by not wearing it during certain activities. This guide explains when you should remove your silver and store it in a safe place to keep it looking great when you do put it back on.

Remove Silver Rings Before Working in the Kitchen

Take your silver rings off before cooking or cleaning. Household cleaners and these items, which contain sulfur, can cause your silver to corrode and tarnish:

  • rubber gloves
  • onions
  • mustard
  • mayonnaise
  • eggs

Remove Silver Rings Before Going Into the Sun

The sun might do wonders for your tan lines and replenishing vitamin D, but direct sunlight will also tarnish silver. You can think of it as a "baking" effect. Remove all pieces of silver jewelry while taking part in these activities out in the sun:

  • sunbathing
  • swimming
  • gardening
  • outdoor sports
  • washing the car

Remove Silver Rings Before Using Cosmetics and Perfume

Get in the habit of taking your silver jewelry off before you get in the shower, so that you won't have it on when you apply certain cosmetics. Some ingredients, such as ammonia, can damage the look of silver over time if you apply them while wearing silver. These products include:

  • cologne/perfume
  • makeup
  • lotion
  • hair spray

Put your jewelry back on after the products you've used are dry and your jewelry is no longer in danger of absorbing any residual products.

When to Wear Silver

Wear your silver as often as you can. Natural oils on your skin help silver to retain its shine and beautiful appearance. However, it's important to understand that there is a difference between oils and sweat. Sweat is water and too much water, say from a workout, can cause your silver jewelry to tarnish.

Pick up a silver storage bag and keep it with you at all times. In doing so, you'll always have a way to protect your ring during those times that you're afraid you might expose it to elements that might do it harm. Ask your jeweler like one from Goldmark Jewelers for more information on caring for your silver properly. Follow their instructions and take your piece to them if your silver begins to tarnish. 


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