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Stubborn Skin Melasma? 2 Steps To Get It Under Control

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If you have developed dark patches of skin on your face for no apparent reason, then you may have melasma. While the reason some people get melasma is unknown, it occurs more commonly in women. This makes hormonal changes a suspected cause. Thankfully, it is not a cause for alarm, as it is not caused by any serious disease, and it can be improved dramatically by following two steps. 

1. Get the Right Chemical Peel

The first step to treating melasma is to get a professional chemical peel. This peel will remove the old, dead, discolored skin from your face. Not only does this help reduce the discoloration immediately, but it then helps the topical products you use to further reduce your melasma work more effectively. 

Three types of peels that work well on melasma sufferers include:

  • Glycolic acid. This is a common skin peel also used to reduce wrinkles. 
  • Lactic acid. Another peel that has many uses, but it is also great for melasma. 
  • Phytic acid. This newer peel has not only an exfoliating effect, but also a skin-lightening effect, making it perfect for melasma sufferers. 

Any of these peels will work well to get rid of the dead, heavily pigmented top layer of skin. Move onto step two to further improve melasma. 

2. Use the Right Topical Treatments Daily

Once the bulk of your pigmented skin is removed with the chemical peel, you can further reduce pigmentation in your fresher skin that is revealed by using a skin-lightening lotion daily. Choose a lotion with either kojic acid or hydroquinone. 

Kojic acid is derived from mushrooms and rice wine. It inhibits the skin' production of melanin, making it a great skin-lightener that can be used daily. It can degrade easily when exposed to light and oxygen, so purchase a lotion that is packaged well and relatively fresh. 

Hydroquinone lotion or cream can be prescribed by your doctor, although low-strength formulas are available over-the-counter. Prescription strength hydroquinone is best for melasma that is persistent even after your peel. This ingredient also inhibits melanin production in your skin. 

It is very important to use sunscreen when using a skin lightener. Not only can these lotions make your skin burn more easily, but sun exposure itself can cause your melasma to worsen. Exposure to sun increases melanin production in your skin, and melanin is exactly what you are trying to get rid of. Use at least an SPF 30 sunscreen daily. 

You can beat melasma when following these two steps. Once it is completely gone, keep using sunscreen daily to keep it away. 


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