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Could Colorblindness Derail Your Fashion Design Career?

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Colorblindness is a problem that affects millions of people around the world, and it can even cause problems in people's careers. If your dream is to be a fashion designer and you suffer from colorblindness, you may worry about how it affects your vision and whether or not you can have a successful career. Thankfully, it is possible.

How It Affects Your Vision

Colorblindness is caused by mutations or defective color-detecting cones in your eyes. The cones in your eyes come in three types: green, red, and blue. When one type of these cones is defective, mutated, or even missing, it will make it impossible for you to differentiate between shades of that color.

So while you won't have black and white vision, you will see the shades of your affected color as nothing more than a brown. This problem affects about 8%-10% of the male population and only 0.5% of the female population.

Problems It Might Cause For Your Career

Unfortunately, colorblindness will make it incredibly hard for you to pick and choose colors for your fashion designs. Let's say you suffer from a colorblindness that makes it impossible for you to differentiate shades of red. This is a major problem, as red and its various shades are typically some of the top fashion colors just about every year.

This could make it impossible for you to choose the shade of red that is most fashionable and ruin the potential popularity of your designs. Even if somebody corrects your mistakes later, you'll still have spent time working with an unpopular color and will look silly in other people's eyes.

Avoiding These Problems

If you're colorblind, that doesn't mean you have to give up your career as a fashion designer. That said, it will make things a lot more difficult. The first way you can adjust to your colorblindness is to hire an assistant or co-designer that focuses on the colors of your designs, rather than the shape. You can then focus your career on coming up with unique and stylish looks, while they help you pick out colors.

However, new advances in optometry have made it possible to purchase a pair of glasses that help adjust your vision to include the colors your eyes are missing. While not perfect, they can open up the world of fashion design for you in a whole new way.

So if you're colorblind and want to be a fashion designer, it's worth visiting a high-quality optometrist today and talking about getting a pair of these glasses. It could quite possibly push your dream into reality.


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